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Might and Magic Heroes VI-SKIDROW

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live.shadow's picture
downloaded, installed, tried to play without updating - nothing. tried to update and - nothing. does anyone had a success with this??
cape's picture
I think you need to add this update to the install game Might and Magic Heroes VI v1 1 1 Update-SKIDROW. Its small 32 mb.
live.shadow's picture
tried it but can`t get the game working. Any ideas or solutions?
cape's picture
Well if I can help you I need to know what error you get, how you try to install it, whats the problem when you start the game etc.
live.shadow's picture
I mount it with daemon tools, install it. let it update twice. copying 2 files to the respected directories and try to run it. I`m getting "ubisoftgamelauncher.exe has stopped working". Please help
cape's picture
Did not occur to you that this is a pirate copy of the game and you let it update. Go from start reinstall the game with your internet connection off, after your done install the update I have told you about it and then try to play the game.
live.shadow's picture
I re-install it. copied the files and got "Ubi game launcher: Error Code 2". I tried to updated it to 1.1 version from a patch I downloaded but couldn`t, got a msg: "game is not installed". I run it and let it update to ver 1.1 through the game. copied the files from skidrow dir. once again got the 1st error.. updated the game again from the one you told me about earlier and copied the files again. tried to run it and once again got the 1st error: "ubi game...". What am I doing wrong?
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Pal mail send to your l********
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I don`t know what you send but that is not my email. change the g to hot.
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how do i down load it